For a decade, my coaching took place in the quintessential coaching realm: athletics. My love of developing humans for success took place across the slick, mercurial surface of water as carbon-fiber rowing shells sliced the plane in pursuit of unity and speed. As a rowing coach, it was my job to create a winning team: to support the technical, physical and emotional unity required for individuals to come together as a larger organism. Watching my team atop a podium with medals slung around their necks was second only to the satisfaction of witnessing their own personal growth. As a former Division I head coach, I know the stress, loneliness and pressure to perform as a leader firsthand. 

Now, as a leadership coach and culture and communication specialist, I am humbled to work with individuals who seek to grow their own leadership presence and skills, as well as establish a values-based, high-performing culture within their organizations. As a coach with many years of experience integrating the mind, body, emotions and spirit toward performance, I know that - whether we like it or not - we bring our whole selves to all of life's endeavors, work included. We must address the whole self toward the pursuit of excellence if we are to see the transformation we desire. 

My Story

I started rowing in college and wasn't ready to quit when graduation came. After a couple of years of post-collegiate training for the United States National Team, I was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition and the dream of representing the U.S. internationally evaporated. Again, I wasn't ready to let go of this sport that had so captured my heart and soul. I was recruited to work with the elite athletes I had been training with, and within six months, I was at the 2006 World Championships as an assistant coach. I was hooked, but in a different way. I left my day job as an editor behind and jumped full-time into coaching. The academic year was spent working with collegiate athletes and the summers flew by coaching the National Team members and hopefuls who trained nearby on the Charles River in Boston.

Principal Coach, Miranda Paris Holder

Principal Coach, Miranda Paris Holder

Fast forward ten years: I had progressed up the D-I coaching ladder and became the head women's rowing coach at Georgetown University. I had been a two-time U.S. National Team assistant coach at the World Championships, had seen an undefeated season, and worked with athletes who went on to the win medals at the Olympics. I had quadrupled fundraising, expanded our facilities, and - most important - orchestrated the necessary cultural change needed to create a happy, healthy, winning team. Yet, something was missing. 

As a head coach, I relished the challenges all leaders face, whether your team sits in front of you in a conference room or in a boathouse. You must inspire and support your team's performance toward a goal, all while hitting targets and outcomes as you manage resources, personalities and setbacks. The things that impede boat speed on the water are the same things that interfere with performance in a company: insufficient leadership, lack of unity and common focus, communication breakdowns, disengaged or unmotivated team members, absence of trust, individual performers who can't operate as a team...the list goes on and on. I noticed that the more responsibility I gained, the less coaching was a core part of my role. I began my leadership and professional coaching practice because supporting individuals and teams in transformational growth is how I want to fill my days. I have been privileged to work with some exceptional people and organizations along the way. 

I graduated cum laude with a B.A. in English Literature from Wellesley College and an M.S. in Sports Leadership from Northeastern University. I am a certified leadership coach through the Leadership Coaching Certification Program at Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership. I am an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) through the ICF (International Coach Federation). The ICF is considered the gold standard in coach certification. I am also an RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher).