"Up until now, all of the leadership coaching I've received has been based on extremely prescriptive management principles. I really love Miranda's style of coaching the whole person and starting with self-reflection, which is proving to be so much more effective in helping to shift beliefs and behaviors in all areas of my life." - L., Vice President, Head of Marketing and Communications

"Miranda is an incredibly insightful and supportive coach who is able to cut right through the fog to the heart of the issue to help me get 'unstuck' and create new awareness. Her combination of challenge and support has brought me newfound insight and is helping me get to the next level." - Dr. W., Vice President, Research

"I got my confidence back. I remembered what my strengths are. I became more myself than I had in a very long time. I changed the way I think about 'my time'. Miranda was great to work with from day one because you can tell that she cares immensely. Miranda's EQ and empathy is of an extremely high level." - C., Sales Area Manager

"This was a COMPLETE game changer for me -- I entered the coaching process nervous and uncertain about my future and walked way so much more confident and sure of myself. I am much more confident in my choices and path moving forward...I am now equipped to control my future and my narrative, knowing that I have a set of tools to rely on when things feel frustrating or tough. These are things I will carry with me on a daily basis." - L., Senior Development Associate

"Miranda has helped me better define my company's goals and my role as president and owner of the firm. Over the past eight months of working with Miranda, my profits have doubled, my staff has doubled, and my stress level has decreased substantially. I credit this largely to having a relationship with Miranda that is 100% dedicated to working on the business, in contrast to most of my business relationships, which drag me into the trap of working for the business. Working with Miranda is unquestionably the best investment in time and money that I've made in the past year." - Dr. C., President and CEO

"[Coaching gave me] Newfound freedom within my life's 'reality' to make things better. I have the power within me to choose my new way of interpreting the actions of others, filtered through the belief that everyone is doing the best he/she can. I have a new story." - S., E.R. Nurse