"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu

What Is Coaching?

In its simplest form, coaching enables you reach your fullest potential. Working with the belief that each client is whole and resourceful, coaching creates space to explore and design new habits, broaden perspectives through observations to reach measurable, observable goals. Methods include, but are not limited to, goal-setting, formal or informal assessments, observations, behavioral practices, self-exploration and accountability in relationship. Coaching is not: therapy (focused on the healing of past pain), mentoring (advice based on personal experience) or consulting (personal expertise to provide solutions). 

Who We Work With

  • Individual Professionals or Leaders
  • Aspiring Leaders: Individual performers who aspire to be leaders within their organizations; who want to grow leadership presence, capacity or skill.
  • Professional Transition: Whether it is a shift in role, jobs, careers or even life phases, transitions can be an opportunity to strengthen your own internal leadership to ensure you get where you want to go. 
  • Teams or Leadership Groups

What Services Does Holder & Co. Provide?

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is by nature a lonely endeavor. The higher you rise, the less genuine feedback you get and fewer people you have advising and supporting you, yet those elements are more important than ever. Inspiring leadership for others comes first from a wellspring of strong personal leadership. To perform and be effective for ourselves or others, we must be in condition to lead. In the same way no athlete is every done practicing and perfecting their skills, no leader can afford to be done growing. Together, we will set specific goals for your development, create a plan of action to get there and markers to keep track of growth and progress. Coaching conditions leaders for peak performance, as well as the continued demands their role places on them. 

360° Leadership Assessment

Holder & Co. utilizes The Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment for leaders who are interested in involving others in their leadership development and measuring their leadership effectiveness. "In their book, Extraordinary Leaders, Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman report an extensive survey of the leadership competency literature, including their database of over 250,000 surveys (Zenger, 2009). They make an astonishing conclusion: those leaders who are rated on a good 360° competency assessment at or above the 80th percentile (compared to a robust norm base) will produce twice the results of those in the middle 60th percentile range" (Anderson and Adams, Mastering Leadership, pp. 15-16).

Leadership Vision and Culture Formation

Where do you want go? Setting a vision for yourself, your team and your organization can be an inspiring process. How do you translate that expansive vision to tangible, daily ways for your team to work together? You want to be sure that the culture you're creating supports your mission and your most important resource: your people. We create alignment between the vision (the thinking) and the process (the doing). How do we do that? Utilizing group coaching and facilitation, we work together to align the goals with reality. 

High-Performance Team Building

We bring alignment and unity to teams to achieve high levels of performance. Simple idea? Yes. Easy to do? No. Most leaders and managers spend their whole careers working to create the healthy, successful culture we know leads to great performance and personal fulfillment. How do we do it? We assess the team culture and dynamics as well as team members' abilities and capacities. We coach team members individually and collectively. We establish a short and long-term framework of ways to connect the individuals to each other and their goal. This also can include on or off-site training, retreats or team-building events. The approach and tactics vary significantly from team to team. 

Program Design and Pricing

As each individual and each organization is different, each approach must be unique rather than prescribed. Length of engagement and costs depend on the scope of the coaching engagement, which typically lasts between three and nine months, but can last longer given the goals and the number of individuals involved. Please reach out and contact Miranda Holder to learn more. 

Coaching Benefits

Coaching is an incredibly effective method for achieving individual and collective change within an organization. The effects of coaching are demonstrably and measurably impressive. You can learn more about the research on coaching results through the ICF (International Coaching Federation).